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Help Tere keep her voice!
Shrinking Violet is about an extremely shy high school senior trying to find her voice and reach her dream of becoming a DJ, despite the obstacles that stand in her way.
The book is about to go on back order and in order for more copies to be printed, more people have to place orders for the book.
Read more about Shrinking Violet:
High school senior Teresa Adams is so painfully shy that she dreads speaking to anyone in the hallways or getting called on in class. But in the privacy of her bedroom with her iPod in hand, she rocks out doing mock broadcasts for Miami's hottest FM radio station, which happens to be owned by her stepfather. When a slot opens up at The SLAM, Tere surprises herself by blossoming behind the mike into confident, sexy Sweet T to everyone's shock, she's a hit! Even Gavin, the only guy in school who she dares to talk to, raves about the mysterious DJ's awesome taste in music. But when The SLAM announces a songwriting contest, and a prom date with Sweet T is the grand prize, Sweet T's dream could turn into Tere's worst nightmare. . . .
Praise for Shrinking Violet:
"Bella, eat your heart out. Tere is the girl every young woman truly wants to be. . . . Brilliant work, Danielle Joseph." -Ellen Hopkins, New York Times bestselling author of Identical
"Danielle Joseph takes readers into the glamorous world of Top 40 radio, with a character who is both funny and relatable. Readers will cheer when Tere finds her voice!" -Alex Flinn, author of Breathing Underwater and A Kiss in Time
"A funny, romantic, and truly inspirational Cinderella tale for any teen who's ever been shy, loved music, or dreamed of going to the ball. Wait, that's pretty much everybody." -Gaby Triana, author of The Temptress Four
So here's how you can help:
Please tell anyone that you think might be interested to place an order now before it's too late. Guys, girls, grandmas. grandpas, you're never too old to read humorous teen fiction!
I'm also running a contest for those that want to have some fun! There will be four winners, each receiving a $25 gift certificate to iTunes or the bookstore of their choice.
So how can you win?
1. Post a review of Shrinking Violet on Amazon.com or B & N.com        2 points
2  Blog, Tweet or Facebook about the Save Shrinking Violet Campaign 1 point for each mention
3. Take a picture of yourself wearing a sweater and mimicking the book's cover (you must have the book in the photo too).  2 points
Contest begins at 11pm on Thursday, September 24, 2009 and ends at 11pm on Thurday, October 15, 2009.
After you enter, you can either email me at danielle@daniellejoseph.com or leave me a comment on my blog at
http://daniellejoseph.livejournal.com/ under the entry, Save Shrinking Violet!
Much love,
Danielle Joseph

i'm bad at livejournal

wow. i am insanely horrible at posting on livejournal. it's a little ridiculous.

anyway, i am going to try to be better. but also follow me on twitter - @lisagreenwald. i am better on twitter because it's shorter and i can update from my phone.

so i'm in my usual august funk. summer always goes so fast, doesn't it? wah. i'm sad. it's been a good summer though. i went to chicago and connecticut and fire island. i'm in love with fire island. i want to buy a house there and then invite people to visit. i'll make guacamole and we'll sit on the beach and talk and share deep thoughts. next week i'm going to the berkshires for a few days and i can't wait. the berkshires is my happy place.

this summer i finished a first draft of my new book. i have still have tons of work to do on it but a first draft is always good.

also, i'm an author sponsor for the first annual allykatzz tween summit. check it out! more updates on this over the next few months. the summit is on october 10th and i am sooooo excited.

enjoy the remaining weeks of summer, everyone.
xoxoxo lisa

good stuff

hey all,

i've been in a good mood lately but sometimes i get scared saying that because i don't want to jinx it. but it's good to be grateful, right? i think so. anyway, so guess what? school's over next week! that means my library job is over for the summer! i only work three days a week but it will still be nice to be off for the summer. i'll be working on my second book and spending time at the pool on long island and hopefully taking trips many to the beach.

also, the washington post gave me such a nice review. i am in love with them. here it is.  so nice!

BEA was last weekend and i had a very lovely time, especially at the ABA mostly silent auction/not a dinner event on Friday night. usually i am anti-social and it felt really good to go out last weekend. that's one of my summer resolutions: be less anti-social. i hope i stick to it.

anyway, that's all i got for now.

xoxoxo lisa

Google Doodles!

How cute is this? Which one are you going to vote for? I think  Friendship Around the World by Miriam Elizabeth Lowery, age 5 is my favorite.
If you're like me and you get angry and irritable more often than you'd like, read this. She has some good tips.

Also, if you live in (or near) Queens, New York, come to my reading/signing/Q&A at Borders in Glendale on Saturday May 2nd at 2pm.

Happy Friday!

p.s. If you don't already know, today is BUY INDIE DAY!!! Go out and support your independent bookstore.

Come to an Earth Day Party!

Are you and the tween in your life wondering how you should celebrate Earth Day? You're probably planning to go out and pick up some trash, recycle as much as you can or maybe even plant a tree. BUT you can also go to an Earth Day Party a few days in advance. And guess what? I'll be there!

Where: Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store aka my favorite store in Brooklyn
When: 4/18 (tomorrow!) from 1 to 3:30

You'll have the opportunity to browse in this awesome store, chat with me and have some pink lemonade and homemade cookies. I also have three more Laura Mercier lip glosses to give away and there will be a raffle for them!


P.S. You'll also be able to buy copies of MY LIFE IN PINK & GREEN and I'll sign them!

Five things I've seen recently and loved

1. This YouTube clip. Simply amazing. I got choked up. I love this lady and want her to become a star, like, today.

2. Last night's episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Such a good show. And I LOVE the Barney-in-love-with-Robin plot line.

3. SUNSHINE CLEANING. I really liked it. My new year's resolution was to stop seeing depressing movies and I've kept it so far, so I was a little worried when I went to see this with my husband's family this past weekend. But (sorry, possible spoiler) it was a hopeful story. I enjoyed.

4. The pilot of THE BIG BANG THEORY. I'd never seen it. Very good for a pilot, very funny show indeed.

5. I LOVE YOU, MAN. Okay, Paul Rudd, I've loved you since Clueless and you were great in this. I seriously LOVED this movie. I would see it again. In the theater.


so much fun

I have to say, having a book out is really a great deal of fun. So far I've had a book party and a signing at B&N; I participated in a book festival, I went to a booksellers lunch, I participated in a Green Fest and in two weeks I'm hosting an Earth Day Party at one of my favorite stores in Brooklyn. It's just so great. I love meeting readers and I'm truly living in the moment and enjoying it. I'm not stressing which is rare for me. Very rare.

Make sure you check the news page of my website often if you're interested in coming to any of my upcoming events! I hope to see you soon!


Julia from Bedford, NY!

Congratulations to all three winners.

And thanks so much to all the girls who entered. You've all done amazing things to help your friends.

I've alerted all three winners but I'm waiting to hear back from one about if it's okay to post her name on the blog. In the meantime, here are the first two winners:

Hailey from Niantic, CT


Kelsie from Idaho Falls, ID

They will each get a Laura Mercier lip gloss, a signed copy of MY LIFE IN PINK & GREEN and a bunch of bookmarks for themselves and their friends.

The winners were chosen randomly because every single entry was great! These girls have done SO much to help their friends.